Welcome to Atif Maqbool’s Corner – a space where passion, innovation, and digital prowess converge to shape a narrative of empowerment and change. Atif Maqbool, a native of Leepa, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary on a mission.

About Atif Maqbool: Atif, a rising star in the entrepreneurial landscape, owns a vast Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok following, using these platforms to inspire and motivate his audience. As the CEO of AMU University Azad Kashmir’s pioneering online skills university, Atif is dedicated to cultivating growth and sharing expertise in technology, business, and digital marketing.

Championing Digital Advocacy: Beyond entrepreneurship, Atif is a digital activist, leveraging his influence to raise awareness about political and socio-economic issues. The “Digital J&K Campaign,” a non-profit initiative, is his brainchild, aimed at reshaping political and societal perspectives through impactful digital campaigns.

Professional Expertise: Atif’s professional journey spans public relations, brand communication, campaign management, and public speaking. His collaborations with leading organizations globally underscore his proficiency in the field.

Educational Background: Born in Leepa, Atif completed his bachelor’s degree in political science in 2020. His foray into politics began in 2014 with TTML (Tehreek Tahafuz Mufadat Leepa), marking the start of his independent political activities. Simultaneously, he delved into blogging, digital marketing, and tech work.

Digital Presence: In 2019, Atif launched his website, a digital hub featuring a diverse range of content, from political articles on Jammu and Kashmir to discussions on youth development, Kashmir issues, and modern education. His YouTube channel is a go-to source for the latest in political news, human rights, tech insights, gadgets reviews, SEO tips, and digital media marketing.

Passion for Development: At the heart of Atif Maqbool’s journey lies a fervor for personal development, education, innovation, and youth empowerment. His impact resonates within a community of followers inspired by his commitment to spotlighting young talents, thought leaders, and industry experts.

Embark on a journey with Atif Maqbool as he navigates the realms of advocacy, entrepreneurship, and digital leadership. Explore the intersection of politics, technology, and education through the lens of a Kashmiri Blogger, Digital Marketer, Youth Leader, and Businessman. Join the movement for empowerment and positive change.