AI a ’50-50′ Threat to Humanity, Says Expert

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nowadays this is talked about everywhere! Experts and scientists from all over the world are seeing AI as a future, which will make the work of humans easier. But according to an expert, AI can become a big threat to human civilization.
Experts believe that there is a 50 percent chance that it will wipe out humanity. Physicist and AI expert Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made this worrying prediction.


Max Tegmark said this in an interview with Sweden’s National Broadcaster SVT. He said that half of the species on earth have already been exterminated by humans because we were smarter than them. Tegmark said that if humans continue to use machines that are smarter than themselves and the control over society is lost in the hands of machines, then things can get worse.

He also said that reducing the risk of extinction from AI should be a priority, just as the world is working to reduce the risks of pandemics and nuclear war. Significantly, the use of AI is increasing in every field. It is believed that in the coming times, countries around the world will increase their use in the defense sector. It can appear in the form of automatic weapons and robots.

Last year, a senior US military expert warned that drones with AI-controlled weapons would soon be able to attack their targets. They will be so fast and advanced that humans will not be able to fight them.

In October 2018, Zeng Yi, a senior executive of Chinese defense firm Norinco, said that ‘humans will not fight in the battlefields of the future’ and that deadly autonomous weapon will be used in the war.

Experts are worried about its fatal consequences. He says this could be mankind’s ‘last century on earth’. Professor Tegmark also warned in 2018 that humans could one day become slaves of intelligent machines created by them.

He says that perhaps humans themselves are not smart enough to handle so much power.

Tegmark is not alone in warning of such a danger. Tesla CEO and the world’s richest man Elon Musk has also been presenting his perspective on AI. In March this year, Musk called for an end to the ‘dangerous race’ to develop AI.

He expressed apprehension that this is a ‘profound risk to society and humanity’, which could have ‘disastrous’ effects.

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