The Next Big Thing in Investing: These 4 Stocks Are Set to Soar

The brokerage firm estimates shares of Royal Orchid Hotels will rise 60.48%. The brokerage is expecting a gain of about 47.79% for shares of Lemon Tree Hotels. The broker has a target price of Rs 1580 for SBI Life Insurance.

New Delhi: There is a constant boom in the stock market these days. Despite all the ups and downs of the past two months, Sensex is still growing.

From March 24 to now, it has increased by about 8.73%. At the same time, the broader Sensex also sees support for this market trend.

Meanwhile, the shares of some companies continuously maintained the advantage. In such a situation, it can be beneficial for investors to identify such stocks and invest in them.

If you also want to take advantage of the market boom, you can bet on stocks like Royal Orchid Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels, Prestige Estates Projects, and SBI Life Insurance. According to experts, these 4 stocks can increase from 30% to 60% compared to the present.

4 Stocks That Could Increase Your Capital by 60%

Royal Orchid Hotel

Shares of Royal Orchid Hotels have been rising steadily for some time. On Friday, its shares closed at Rs 327.2 on BSE, up 4.55%. National brokerage Edelwise estimates a 60.48% increase in the stock from current levels. The brokerage firm offers a buy recommendation on the stock with a target price of Rs 549.00.

Life Insurance SHB

However, on Friday, shares of SBI Life Insurance fell slightly by 0.15% on the BSE and the company’s shares closed at Rs 1,205.65. National brokerage HDFC Securities estimates SBI Life Insurance shares are up 31.39% from current levels. The brokerage firm has set a target price of Rs 1580 for this stock.

Prestigious real estate project

National broker Motilal Oswal expects shares of Prestige Estates Projects to rise 37.71% from current levels. The brokerage has set a target price of Rs 675 for the stock. On Friday, its shares closed at Rs 490.85 on BSE, up 0.63%.

Lemon Tree Hotel

The broker expects shares of Lemon Tree Hotels to rise about 47.79% from current levels. Brokerage firm ICICI Securities has raised its target price of this stock to Rs 137.00 following the fourth quarter results. On Friday, however, its shares fell 1.22% on the BSE and the company’s shares closed at Rs 92.70.

(Disclaimer: The stocks mentioned here are for informational purposes only. If you wish to invest in any of them, please consult your advisor first. licensed investment advisor. News18 is not responsible for your profits or losses. This will happen.)

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