Asteroid as big as an airplane coming at a speed of more than 28 thousand kilometers towards the earth today!

Asteroids roaming in space are a potential threat to the Earth. So far, the incident of any big asteroid hitting the Earth has not been recorded in history. But it is said that millions of years ago, giant creatures like dinosaurs were destroyed due to the fall of similar celestial bodies on the earth.

These days asteroids are moving toward the earth one after the other. Many asteroids have passed so close that even a slight change in their direction could have brought great havoc on the Earth. Today, NASA has again issued an alert for a large rocky piece coming towards the earth, which is as big as an airplane. Let’s know about it.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the space agency NASA, which constantly monitors asteroids, has today alerted the asteroid 2023 KT1 to come towards the Earth. This asteroid is being told of 71 feet, which would be said to be big in size.

It is the size of an airplane. That is, if it collides with the earth, destruction can take place on one part. NASA says that an asteroid larger than 150 feet can harm the Earth. In such a situation, 2023 KT1 also cannot be taken lightly.

Asteroid 2023 KT1 (Asteroid 2023 KT1) will pass very close to the Earth. JPL has told that when this rocky piece will reach the closest to the earth, its distance will be only 3,810,000 kilometers from here. That is, this asteroid is going to pass about 38 lakh kilometers today. So will it hit the earth?

However, NASA has not released any such information for Asteroid 2023 KT1 which states that it may hit the Earth. The probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth is said to be very low. But meteoroids and comets often enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

At the same time, it has been said asteroids that if they come closer than 75 lakh kilometers, then their coming towards the earth cannot be said to be free from danger.

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