Decades later, a way to activate Windows XP was finally found

Decades later, a way to activate Windows XP was finally found

New York (Monitoring Desk) Microsoft Windows XP has now become a thing of the past. However, those who have been using these Windows systems will know that Windows XP’s activation system was so strong that it was very difficult to crack it at all, at least without an Internet connection. However, almost two decades later, a program has finally been developed to activate this Windows system.

It’s been more than 20 years since Windows XP was introduced, 9 years, since the use of this Windows system has become obsolete and its online activation servers were shut down by Microsoft several years ago. This Windows activation program will be pointless to many.

According to the report, it is a compact program ‘xp_activate32.exe’ whose size is only 18 thousand 432 bytes. This program generates a ‘code’ through Windows XP’s ‘Phone Activation Feature’ and converts it into an activation ‘Key’, commonly known as a ‘Confirmation ID’.

The special feature of this program is that it works completely ‘off-line’ and above all, even if there is a problem with Windows and Windows is reinstalled, the code will continue to work. is and does not ‘deactivate’ Windows XP. This program generates exactly the same ‘key’ that Microsoft gives to your computer.

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