Violence of in-laws for not getting vehicle gold in Jihiz Daughter-in-law held a press conference in Azad Kashmir

Vehicle in Jihiz, violence by in-laws for not getting gold, daughter-in-law in Azad Kashmir …

Muzaffarabad: A press conference has been held on behalf of a married woman against her in-laws in Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir.

The woman held a press conference against the in-laws in the Press Club, in which she alleged that she had asked for a vehicle and gold ornaments at the wedding, which the in-laws did not get.

According to Geo News, the affected woman said that the violence had started only a week after the marriage, she has approached the family court for protection, waiting for justice.

On the other hand, while discussing, the men’s family said that this is a private matter, they do not want to talk about anything.

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